nielslinnemannHey! My name is Niels Linnemann, and I am a Philosopher of Physics. I studied Physics, Maths and Philosophy at Münster (BSc Physics, BSc Mathematics), Lund, Oxford (MSt in Philosophy of Physics) and Cambridge (MASt in Advanced Mathematics, also known as Part III). I became first interested in philosophy of physics after struggling with conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics (like so many) while still being a physics student in Münster. Now, my major interests within philosophy of physics lie in the philosophy and foundations of spacetime and whatever goes beyond it (different approaches to quantum gravity, issue of spacetime emergence), and the foundations of quantum mechanics (quantization, decoherence). At the higher level, I am in particular interested in theory construction, and the philosophy of discovery.

Within my PhD project at the University of Geneva — supervised by Christian Wüthrich — I inquire into the basic strategies and conceptual obstacles for formulating a theory of quantum gravity. My research takes place within the Swiss National Science Foundation project “New Avenues Beyond Spacetime“ (Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Christian Wüthrich, collaborator: Dr. Karen Crowther).

I am currently a fellow of the DFG project Inductive Metaphyics within which I am especially tied to the subproject B1 “Modality in Physics and in Metaphysics” (Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Andreas Bartels, Collaborator: Kian Salimkhani).

CV on request (niels.linnemann AT unige.ch)

Trying to visit a fellow philosopher in the Valais (photo: Vincent Lam)