Philosophiederphysik.de: weekend seminars, quarterly lectures and more

Together with Kian Salimkhani, I try to make the philosophy of physics more known in Germany. Among other things, we have been organising yearly weekend seminars on the Philosophy of Physics (since 2021) as well as quarterly lectures on topics in the Philosophy of Science (since 2022). See philosophiederphysik.de for more.

A thesis as a comic?!

Thanks to graphic novel artist Moritz Stetter and the support of the Hamburg Academy of Science and Humanities there is now a visual (short) version of my thesis (German version here):

“Philosophy of Quantum Gravity” by Moritz Stetter

Public talks (selected)

1/2023 Public lecture after a screening of Everything Everywhere All at Once (Campus-Kino Bremen): Die Viele-Welten-Interpretation der Quantenmechanik

4/2022 Ceremonial colloquium lecture in honour of Academy President Prof. Dr. Kreuzer: Determinismus und Vorhersagbarkeit im Lichte der Chaostheorie (Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg)