About Niels Linnemann

nielslinnemannI studied Physics, Maths and Philosophy at Münster, Lund, Oxford and Cambridge. I became first interested in philosophy of physics after struggling with conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics (like so many) while still being a physics student. Now, my major interests within philosophy of physics lie in the philosophy and foundations of spacetime (such as the dynamical approach), the foundations of quantum mechanics (quantization, decoherence), and the philosophy and foundations of quantum gravity (different approaches, issue of spacetime emergence).

Within my PhD project at the University of Geneva — supervised by Christian Wüthrich — I inquire into the basic presuppositions that enter the formulation of a quantum theory of gravity. I am especially interested in what is often called emergent gravity.

My research takes place within the Swiss National Science Foundation project „New Avenues Beyond Spacetime“ (Principal Investigator: Christian Wüthrich, collaborator: Karen Crowther).

CV on request